Mexico Travel Management will give you some usefull travel tips.

When snorkeling or diving, NEVER, EVER stand on, our touch, the coral. It is VERY damaging to the coral, and we don’t want to ruin the very thing we’ve gone there to enjoy.

When booking your vacation, be sepecific, eg ocean view does not = ocean front. Beach property does not always mean swimable beach.

If the cab driver has a small TV mounted on his dashboard for HIM to watch while he drives, do NOT get into cab. It is an accident waiting to happen. Take the hotel minibus instead.

Keep a few toilet seat covers folded in a ziplock bag. Flushing is dicouraged in many public restrooms and toilet seats can be dirty or even non-existent. It can also double as toilet paper.

Bring thermal mugs with lids to keep coffee hot in the morning and keep drinks cold and sand out on the beach-and they hold more tequila than a plastic cup.

Bring $2 bills USD. Locals think they are “Special”. It’s good to Tip with them. You get more “miles for your buck” when renting the small taxis. Have your bank order you some 2 weeks before leaving.

Before you travel, plan your budget and know about your major expenses. You cannot miss spending on groceries, rent/mortgage, food, international phone cards, petrol/gas prices, utilities, etc but remember there would be unexpected expenses which will add to the list. Hence an addtional saving is always handy during sudden emergencies such as medical, home repairs, furniture, etc.

If you need any medication take your prescription from your doctor.

Hang your rumpled clothes in the steam of the shower to get them straightened!

Bring a small canvas tote bag folded up in your suitcase. Great for day trips of shopping, and doubles as a beach bag.

Take a couple of clothespins on every trip. Not only are they good for hanging laundry, but they can close the gaps on any hotel drapes, making for better sleeping.

Take water bottles for day trips, often there are no vendors, and if there are, water etc can get very pricey!! By taking empty bottles, you can fill them with juice from the resort.

Remember, you are going to another country. Don’t expect the world to fall at your feet. You can have an amazing cultural experience if you give a little, and in return you’ll get a lot! Smile!

Pack a “boo boo” kit with band aids, antibiotic ointment, Tylenol with a plastic spoon and antiseptic wipes day trips away from the resort or a day by the pool/beach.

Pack each person’s undergarments in a large zip lock bag with a laundry softener sheet with it to keep them smelling fresh and also store them in the dressers the hotels provide you.

Traveler’s checks are not easy to cash at the banks in Cozumel. Exchange monies before you make your journey. You will avoid hassles.

On the shuttles from airport to hotels, sit on a right-side window to watch luggage being unloaded prior to your hotel. To ensure that your luggage isn’t accidentally taken to another hotel.

Carry extra baggies & take buns/meats/cheeses and fruit/nuts/cereal from the buffet. You’ve paid for this food – so why buy expensive food during your day trip?

Only exchange a small amount of your US dollars at a time… When returning at the airport they don’t want to re-exchange.

Use a large Collapsible Rolling Cooler as your main suitcase- this will make sure that you limit what you pack AND you will have your own cooler for day trips too!

Use a large Collapsible Rolling Cooler as your main suitcase- this will make sure that you limit what you pack AND you will have your own cooler for day trips too!