Todos Santos Tour


Enjoy The Beauty of Todo Santos


Enjoy the beauty that offers the way to Todos Santos, as we go along the coast by the Pacific Ocean side to the village. This lovely village is distinguished by its cultural vocation which reaffirmed through the years. Because of he natural beauty and excellent climate , Todos Santos has become home to a large number of painters, sculptors, artisans and intellectuals. For its location halfway between La Paz and Cabo San Lucas, is much visited by local and foreign tourism who like climate, tranquility and beauty. Many go from La Paz or Los Cabos just to eat at the excellent restaurants. Along the sights, the Mission Church, the Culture House and the picturesque streets walks. You will enjoy walking to the Cathedral (which was one of the first missions) the Museum, the Hotel California (the song of the Eagles) and the homes of artists..






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